About Benefit

Benefit is the toothbrush for:

  • Patients with hand and/or arm movement challenges
  • Brushing another individual’s teeth
  • Kids who refuse to brush properly

Benefit’s three independent heads ensure that the correct brushing angle of 45° is maintained between the bristles and the gingiva. The bristles completely surround the teeth, and automatically adjust to tooth contours, lengths and widths.

Better Brushing Made Simple & Easy!

The Benefit Brush, ADA Accepted, plain handle. Great for use with a cuff or harness. Appropriate for the general population.
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The Benefit Brush with a comfortable padded handle that dramatically improves the user's grip. Appropriate for people with physical challenges. ADA Acceptance pending.
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The Benefit Brush with a padded handle that is geared towards kids. Fun colors and an easy to hold handle make this a good choice for young brushers. ADA Acceptance pending.
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