Benefit Plus Brush

Benefit Plus, as well as Benefit, are ideal for people who need to reduce wrist or arm twisting. Benefit Plus comes with a wide, padded easy to hold handle. With a top brush and two side brushes at an optimal 45 degree angle, it cleans all sides of each tooth with every stroke. Because it reduces the need to twist the arm or wrist, it is great for people with arthritis, Parkinson's, MS or other similar conditions. It's padded handle protects the sensitive mouth area and is the best brush for use by a caregiver when assisting a person with physical challenges.

If the use of a cuff or a harness on the hand is required, the Benefit brush is the best option. The Benefit brush is the same brush as the Benefit Plus brush, but has a plain plastic handle. This handle is easy to slip into the cuff or harness.




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