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Benedent Corporation manufactures high quality and unique dental products. Our “flagship” product is the Benefit toothbrush, which is configured with three independent heads each on its own 1 ¼” stem.

The design of Benedent's toothbrush delivers these features:

  • The brushes wrap around the teeth, brushing all three sides at once at the proper angle, with the proper pressure. This gets the job done faster, easier and better.
  • Helps prevent periodontal disease. The outermost bristles are extra soft to massage the gums. The bristles of the side brush are at the correct 45º angle to clean below the gum line.
  • The independent heads make it almost impossible to cause damage by brushing too aggressively.
  • It is an ideal brush for use by an individual with limited hand, wrist, and/or arm movement.
  • It is ideal for brushing another individual’s teeth.
  • It is ideal for use by young people (kids) because if the brush is on the teeth, they are brushing correctly.

Benedent’s Triple•Pet line brings good hygiene to our four legged companions. The Triple•Pet toothbrush is the Benefit brush reinforced with extra heavy duty padding on the handle. This product is complemented by a line of other high quality hygiene products.



Click here for our new Benefit Toothbrush Product Demonstration and short discussion of its unique features.

Dental Professionals:
The Benefit Toothbrush family is now distributed to Dental Offices and Institutions by Patterson Dental. Please contact your Patterson representative, local Patterson branch or call

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